Jackie is a dear friend, teacher and guide. I knew a trip with Jackie would include people and places passed by in other “cookie-cutter” itineraries. What has been exceptional about his trips is the chance to stay in lesser-visited but very rewarding areas relatively free of tourists. We have experienced religious festivals, beautiful music, visited weavers, and met local people from all strata of society. His trips are well organized and fun whilst also allowing for each person to have their own profound personal journey. I have traveled to Peru with Jackie four times and will travel with him again because you can always expect an unforgettable experience.

Anne, NY

We read in the text that the “road” has 3 difficult stages. At the beginning, middle and end. Those steps require a “spiritual friend” or a guide who has already taken this road before you. Jackie has been my guide at the very beginning of my path. His compassion, his caring presence and his sense of humor (because we need it… ) hadn’t let me down, during 4 years traveling in many ways by his side . I hope that, when the time will come, I could meet a guide as sensitive and understanding as Jackie was.
With all my gratitude to Jackie, and all the Curanderos.

Emil, Paris

Jackie crafted a beautiful framework and then generously invited us to co-create an adventure unlike any we had experienced – spiritual, indigenous, grounding, explorative. At times a painful but profound opening of the heart. At others, a sense of embrace by the light of Spirit herself. All of this against a background of exquisite, peaceful vistas that have endured through time. A sacred seeking, a true gift of the cosmos led by a free-spirited journeyman.

Chris and Elaine, CT

Jackie B has been a role-model, guide and friend for some of the most unforgettable journeys of my life. In arranging the adventures, no detail was overlooked. And I felt completely taken care of throughout. I can’t wait to travel with Mamancuna again!

Amos, NY

I went to Peru with Mamancuna and company in February of 2009. I have never explored ‘guided journeys’ with a Shaman nor do I have a deep fondness traveling far with a group (I do that for work and prefer my getaways less hectic).
Jackie B, and old and trusted friend simply said “it’s time for your journey and no worries, everything will be taken care of”
And, it was indeed! Every single detail of our Lima- Mancora-Lima two week excursion was impeccably planned, organized and thought out. Our every want, desire and need, literally on every level of being was satisfied and attended to with courtesy and grace and the group turned out to be the most interesting, diverse and soulfully cool bunch of new friends I’ve ever had the pleasure to “trip” with… I’d do it again… and again in a heart beat!

Anka, NY

I’ve known Jackie for over three years. I have been ushered by his caring hands to the jungle of Peru as well as thru some home grown excursions. I can only say, I have always felt his long arm of care and have learned much from watching him lead people to
the unknown.

Dr. Vitale, D.O.M., L.Ac., M.Ac., C.H., NC

Dear Jackie,
Thank you so much for your loving and caring guidance and an amazing journey to the coast of Peru and into the depth of my soul. It was a privilege to have you as our physical and spiritual guide. This has been the most important journey of life and I am looking forward for more to come. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and deep connection with your home country and to open the door to this world of life changing inner experiences.

In deep gratitude,

Anna, NY

Jackie B is a first class guide into the inner and outer worlds of Peru and its human and plant teachers. He brings an authentic yet modern perspective to his work, helping to make the experience more relevant. Having grown up in Peru and with strong ties there, his understanding of the culture and ability to navigate it fluently make him a great guide. And his inner journeys have prepared him for leading others on the path.

Matt, NY

“As a guide, Jackie shines because of his deep love for Peru and his dangerously infectious enthusiasm. He’s a master of finding hidden gems, listening for the beautiful and profound, and making everything happen smoothly. You are always in good hands when you travel with Jackie!”

Verena, MA

I have been on many incredible journeys guided by Jackie, to the most magical places in Peru, both well known and off the beaten touristy path – in the Amazon, around Cuzco, in the Andes (Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu), around Lake Titicaca, Sillustani, Marcawasi and more. Jackie really loves Peru and is passionate about sharing it with others. And he does it very expertly – with great care and impeccable organization. He is well connected with the land and the people, local traditions and sacred knowledge passed on for generations. You are in for a very special experience and will want to come back for more. Enjoy the magic and buen viaje!

Edwina, NY

Jackie plans meticulously, delivers what he promises and has sensitivity, spirituality and taste. He is knowledgeable about plant medicine, Inkan mythology and architecture, Cuzco and the Sacred Valley, Peruvian music and cusine and also happens to be an expert surfer. And those are just the things I’ve asked him about. I’ve been on 3 separate journeys to Peru with Jackie — once to the jungle, once to the Andes and once to the beach — and plan on being on many more.

Doug, NY

My first dieta with Jackie was a seriously transformational experience – The world turned from black and white to color.
If you are are looking to journey into the jungle and into the depths of your heart, Jackie is the man.
He’s the perfect guide into the mystical land of Avatar; he’s no Fitzcarraldo!

I love you Jackie!

Carly, NY

Jackie was the ideal person to be leading the trip to Peru that I participated in, as he not only knows the country and people as well as anyone, but he also combines a spiritual depth and sensibility with strong street smarts and practical knowledge. Fun and easy to hang with, as well as being intensely serious and reverential of the Shamanic healing work and medicine. I look forward to accompanying him again on a journey someday, and recommend him very highly!

Mike, MA

The amazing experience I had in the Amazon brought me to a different level of understanding… made me a better person. Jackie B not only introduced me to the world of the peruvian shamans but also helped and guided me in many ways. Only through his help I had the courage to attend his journeys, I always felt save with him.
The places he has guided me too are incredible.

Ellen, NY

Hola Hermano,
During my first Dieta, you went beyond “bending backwards” for me and others. I felt that every little need or request we might have was met, and cannot remember you disappointing. I felt that you cared and worked hard on making everything possible for me to have a very healing experience.

Saludos a todos,

Rei, NY

My first trip to Peru was lead by Jackie. What an amazing experience to see the country through his eyes. As a native Peruvian, Jackie created a perfectly balanced itinerary. He offered the security of having a plan, but more importantly to me, he skillfully managed to leave it open enough to welcome the liberation of spontaneity and surprises – it really was a perfect balance!
I appreciated Jackie’s sensitivity of knowing when to share his knowledge and when to let me experience things on my own. It was wonderful to get his inside perspective and I am thankful for his sensitive and highly skilled ability to translate all the nuances between language and culture. This is something that had been missing in my other experiences. He is such a delight to travel with. I am very much looking forward to including more of my friends in the next trip!

Tanya, NY

Querido Hermano,
Nos vimos en esta vida a los 4 años, seguimos juntos hasta acabar el colegio y gracias a las plantas sagradas, volvieron a cruzarse nuestros caminos con una pureza y profundidad también sagrada…
Gracias Jackie por ser parte importante en mi camino, por las puertas que con tus viajes y con algunos amigos que gracias a tí ahora también son mi familia… se han abierto!
Gracias por los paisajes que de adentro para afuera y de afuera para dentro expanden la luz, la luz que queda encendida con ese amor… ese!
que suerte que tendremos tú página web para seguir inspirandónos,
caminándo, compartiéndo!


Delia, your friend/sister, Lima

The first time I met Jackie B was in 2002. He was hosting a visiting Peruvian musician and shaman. I had just read an extraordinary book called the “Trail of Feathers” by Tahir Shah about one mans adventure in Peru in search of the birdman with the premise that perhaps the ancients flew! That evening Don Evangelino performed the healing songs of his culture called icaros. The moment the music began I was compelled to lie on the floor. Using both the wings of the eagle and the feathers of a condor the spirit was manifested in the room and I was transported into another dimension. It was not only incredible but spiritually cleansing. After an evening of truly beautiful music we had a discussion and it was clear to me that I had to look further into what had just happened. I asked Don Evangelino if it were possible for me to come to visit him in Peru. A few years later and with a little more knowledge of these ancient practices from the Amazon, I joined Jackie, Don Evangelino and a small group of travelers in Peru.
I have traveled fairly extensively in the world usually alone and was a little apprehensive about the group experience. All of this changed in Peru. I could never have had the insights, love and laughter had I done it any other way. What can I say…. it was life altering. The landscapes, the culture, the hardships, the mysteries and the unpredictable pleasures of the unknown swirled effortlessly around my daily experience. Sometimes this was euphoric, the intensity of natures presence and my part in it was nothing less than profound. But it was also very normal, you have to eat, engage and be entertained. JB’s part made all this seem so effortless and if there was ever anything that was more difficult or demanding he was always available with his good natured sincerity, enthusiasm and willingness to laugh.
That first encounter in New York City. A prophecy of the reunification of north and south, the eagle and the condor, the ancient and the modern. It brought me to the fantastic country of Peru. It opened me to many aspects of myself that I could
never imagined.
I feel truly blessed and humbled to have these experiences and would cherish the time when I get to return with JB and my friends in Peru.

Warm regards

Mark, NY

Amazing… life changing journeys… well organized, great communication and a first
rate guide.

Stella, CT

I was talking with three different group coordinators for six months, before I decided to go with Jackie on a meditation retreat for my first time. Apart from being nervous and scared, I was about go to the Amazon with a complete stranger. I didn’t know anyone that had been on this trip with him, though I knew people who had been on a trip with the other two (unfamiliar) coordinators.
I chose Jackie and it has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. Since then I have been on two other retreats in the U.S. with him. He took care of things the entire way through. I trust him and I look forward to the next one. He has my referrals and blessings.

Sean, LA