|mama – n – cuna| mama: mother . cuna: many
All the mothers, the mother of all plant spirits.


For the last decade, Jackie Bobrowsky, a Peruvian native who has lived in the United States since 1981, has led dozens of groups of intrepid seekers of all ages on transformational journeys to the Amazon jungle and the Andes Mountains.
He has worked intensively with master shamans and healers and is dedicated to the transmission and preservation of the indigenous cultures of Peru. His compilation of sacred songs from the Amazon, “El Canto del Tiempo,” is available on this website.

Jackie has created an extensive personal network inside Peru to provide a unique and authentic travel experience. His goal is to help people reconnect to the earth and with the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of his native land. He sees himself as a bridge and a translator between North and South, between our twenty-first-century high-tech digital culture and the sophisticated plant-based spiritual technologies of jungle and mountain. Jackie is an expert guide to little known worlds of indigenous Peru, its sacred teachings and remote, startling beautiful places. He is pathfinder and trustworthy leader into the heart of the powerful exotic worlds of the Amazonian and Andean peoples.



Madrecita mamancuna shamuicuna cayariri
Danzaremos danzaremos delantito picuna
Cuidanampa cuidanampa cuerpecitos cuna
Cuidanampa cuidanampa espirititos cuna
ha, ha, ha …