qoyllurit’i . the pilgrimage . 


Peregrination is to travel on foot with a purpose.

This pilgrimage is known as the ancient festival of the snow (Qoyllu) and the star (Rit’i). It falls on the full moon in the month of May and dates from the earliest of times in the
Quechua culture.
At the base of the Colquepunkpo glacier at 16,000ft, thousands of Quechuas gather to offer their prayers, intentions and agricultural harvest in this most ancient of rituals of gratitude and purification; which are performed in exactly the same way today as the Quechuas have done for centuries.
The festivities take place over 4 days, a huge gathering of pilgrims moved by faith; they endure the steep climb of the glacier singing, dancing and playing music for many hours day and night to show their willingness and desire that their prayers to the Lord of the star and the snow will be heard.
This is truly the experience of a lifetime, a rare opportunity to participate in what has long been lacking from our western culture, the veneration of the magical and mystical connection between us and Mother Nature, Pacha Mama at its source.

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amazon . matsigenkas and huachipaire .


Join us for this once in a lifetime adventure to discover the hidden world of two Amazonian tribes, the Matsigenkas and Huachipaire. Our journey begins in Cusco as we travel from the high Andes into the sub-tropical SE Amazonian rainforest.
 There we will meet these two tribes that have been living in this area for thousands of years — hunting, gathering and healing by utilizing all of the elements that surround them. These Amazonian people had a very close relationship with the Inkas and through their Arawak language they pass along some of their sacred knowledge and secrets. We will travel for 10 days by canoes, sleep in Tambos (thatch roof huts) and immerse into ourselves as we encounter the powerful “Grandmother” vine. We will participate in 4 “grandmother” ceremonies led by the Sharepigari (Shaman) from these indigenous communities.
We will learn from our guides about the flora and fauna of this region and re-connect to the elements of these ancient
lands and cultures.

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la magia de los andes .


The Andes form the backbone of South America. Irradiating from Cuzco, the symbolic navel of the indigenous world and home to an extraordinary empire and civilization, the Inkas, who built stone temples, roads, palaces, and forts. Come and discover the Magic of the Andes as we travel through time and space, learning about Andean Cosmology and the Andean way of life from a most amazing teacher, the San Pedro cactus.
The Apus (mountains) and Mama Coca will also be guiding us in the mystical land of the Inkas. We will go from Cusco to the Sacred Valley onwards to Machu Picchu, we will go hiking to many sacred sites (off the tourist map) and finally to the birth place of the Andean culture, Lake Titicaca. Come explore the volcanoes, deep valleys, and upland plains as they reveal their mystery and their power.

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plant teacher dieta. don guillermo ojanama.


This is a journey into the Amazon Rainforest to work with Maestro Curandero Don Guillermo Ojanama (from the ‘Versos Maestros/Ikaros’ CD). This plant teacher dieta (diet) will include learning and working with the healing and spiritual traditions of the Peruvian Amazon through “Grandmother” ceremonies, traditional Amazonian plant medicines and intense physical cleansing.

In the pristine setting of his jungle encampment, Don Guillermo has created a safe place where people come for ceremony and healing, far from the intrusion of our modern world. Working on personal cleansing and transformation in this sacred environment brings about a deep connection to Mother Nature, and the opportunity for release on inner levels that we may not have
experienced before.

As we purify ourselves by following the dieta, then and only then, we are prepared to contact the spirit realm, receive the teachings of the plants, and regain physical healing. Following the dieta is the path to wisdom…

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plant teacher dietas


For those interested in deepening their connection with the plant spirit world, we specialize in small intimate “dietas”.
we only work with the most experienced and respected traditional amazonian curanderos, ayahuasqueros, vegetalistas and paleros.

custom journeys

If you are interested in traveling with a small group of friends, we would be happy to arrange a very special journey
for you.

minimum group size 5 people

• please contact us to request more information •